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10 Ways to Tune-Up Your Diesel Truck for Cold Weather (Part 2)

Today we cover 5 more ways you can ensure the best results for your diesel pickup.

  1. Tires and tire pressure

Bald tires (even if they are all-season) won’t save you from that fender-bender on a slippery road! There are plenty of reasonably priced winter tires on the market. This could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages. Also, be sure to use an accurate tire pressure gauge and check for leaks on tires that seem to deflate faster. Under-inflated tires will give you less traction and as the weather gets colder, your tires will lose up to 1PSI of pressure for every 10 degrees.

  1. Fix any ABS lights if they are on

A faulty ABS system negatively affects your ability to stop on an icy or slippery road. This can be caused by a faulty sensor or a bad fuse. This quick check will keep you safe on the road.

  1. Consider light-weight engine oil

15 weight motor oils can increase the potential for gelling. Switching to a light-weight synthetic oil can be a lot less heavy on a diesel truck’s battery, starter, and engine. If you’re running 15W-40 conventional when it’s 30 below, your engine isn’t going to see ample oil pressure for a considerable amount of time following a cold start (between 5 and 30 seconds).

  1. Get some emergency supplies

Consider packing a bag of supplies for any unforeseen emergencies. If you through extreme terrain, temperatures, or remote areas, this is an extremely wise decision. Must haves include a shovel, windshield scraper, bottles of water, candy bars, waterproof matches and small candles, first aid kit, pocket-knife, blankets, tow chains or ropes, jumper cables, and emergency flares.

  1. Check belts and hoses

Bad belts and hoses are directly affected by cold weather. Belts drive vital engine systems such as the alternator, power steering, and water pump. Checking these will take you no time at all because a quick visual inspection does the trick. Check for cracks, frayed edges, or above average wear. If things are looking a little worn before the cold weather hits, it’s best to just replace them.

        Bonus Tip: Be sure you are using diesel performance parts that are highly rated. Check online reviews and chat rooms to see what kind of feedback you can find on different diesel performance part brands. If you are unsure, give Flying Wrench Performance a call. We will always give you honest feedback on your diesel questions. We stand by all part manufacturers that we carry online and work hard with these partners to provide you with very competitive prices.

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