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Corona Recovery Dyno Challenge Set For July 16th, 2022

Flying Wrench Performance is proud to present our second annual dyno event, COVID Recovery Dyno Challenge!

Come join us at this family friendly event to test vehicle horsepower. Admission is free, each dyno entry is $100. See the Wrench Diesel Challengers attempt to win in each class, gas cars are also welcome, rear wheel drive only.

Diesel Classes:

  • Stock Class - The turbocharger is limited to a stock, OEM/Factory make-specific charger only. No injectables. No after-market compressor wheels allowed.

  • Small Single Class - 70mm turbo size and smaller. No injectables.

  • Large Single Class - 71mm turbo and greater. No injectables.

  • Small Compound Class - 80mm turbo size and smaller. No more than two (2) turbochargers. No injectables.

  • Large Compound Class - 81mm turbo size and greater. Two or more aftermarket chargers. No injectables.

  • Unlimited Class - Any use of Nitrous, Propane, and/or water meth.

  • Emissions Friendly - Has to have a functioning DPF. Can have anything else but no injectables (water/meth/nos).

Proud Sponsors:

Dynomite Diesel Products

ATS Diesel Performance

BD Diesel

Ideal Storage

Westbay Napa

Fass Fuel Systems

Catered by: Double D BBQ

Event Pages

Event Flyer

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