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In Store Christmas Promotion to Focus on Shopping Local Small Businesses

The Holiday Season usually requires some travel for many families, and the Flying Wrench Family wants to ensure that you arrive at your destination safe, on-time, and without any concern of potential breakdowns. It's because of this that we recommend check-ups and tune-ups before you get on the road this Christmas. Therefore, we are pleased to announce our 2019 Christmas Offer. From now until the end of Christmas, you will receive a Christmas gift when you get any work done here at the Flying Wrench Services shop.  Our Christmas tree is set and there are plenty of goodies to choose from. But these gifts aren't just any small trinket ordered in bulk, they are special, unique, and one of a kind products from local Kingston small businesses. The company anounced this last week via their Facebook page: This promotion comes on the heels of Small Business Saturday, a once per year Holiday that focuses on shopping local.  We want to wish you a very happy holiday season! Be safe! Tags:  buy diesel parts get christmas gift

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