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Increase Horsepower in Your Duramax 2001 - 2010

Why Should I Upgrade My Fuel Injector Pump?

If you've increased the air flow to the engine and set up the ECM to produce more power, then the next step is to upgrade the fuel injectors. New fuel injectors will allow more fuel to reach the engine and increase horsepower.

The Solution

The 12mm STROKER CP3 by Dynomite Diesel is an excellent upgrade and the pump is sold with no core charge. This pump is capable of supporting over 1,000 RWHP with proper supporting modifications. Full fuel delivery to 6,000 RPM. New OEM unmodified FCA for improved tunability. For maximum fuel delivery, we recommend a 200 GPH (or larger) lift pump set to 8-12psi. If running too much pressure to the CP3, you can damage the pump and cause extremely poor idle quality.

Bernie Brazeau, Flying Wrench Services Joint Owner: “I’m running the 12mm in my Ram and love it. No more rail pressure codes.”

Liter: 6.6 Engine: Duramax Years: 2001-2010

Note: If you are installing this pump on a LB7 or LLY be advised that this CP3 will require the FPR/FCA table to be rescaled for an LBZ CP3 to run properly. Any competent custom tuner should be able to accomplish this.

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