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What Are the Best Mods to Get for My Diesel Truck?

If you own a diesel pickup truck, you have probably considered a performance mod or upgrade. Here at Flying Wrench Services & Performance, we are often asked about mods so we wanted to post this to maybe answer these questions on a wider scale.

Before getting any mod, you will want to make sure you know “why” you are considering it. Are you trying to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency (most common)? Maybe you are looking to increase towing power?

For the sake of time, we are going to focus on general performance for today’s blog.

Use Diesel Fuel Additives

To improve the performance and overall health of your fuel injection system, you will want to start using a high-performing additive. We specifically recommend Dynomite Diesel Performance’s Injector Protector. This will drastically improve the cleaning and lubricating characteristics of today’s ultra-low sulfur diesel, which results in far less deposits and wear on all fuel system components.

Consider Adding a Diesel Tuner

Diesel Tuners (programmers) are small electronic devices that can improve your engine’s performance by helping to “tune” your engine to your specific needs and preferences.

Cold Air Intake Systems and Performance Air Filters

Cold Air Intakes and Performance Air Filters improve your diesel engine performance by reducing the potential of air-flow restriction while effectively clearing out contaminates and particulates. This will keep your engine clean while increasing airflow, which will give you added power and fuel economy.

Performance Diesel Fuel Injectors

Performance Fuel Injectors should improve overall power and fuel efficiency. We recommend injectors from Dynomite Diesel Performance, which typically provide full balancing for smoother operation and improved throttle response. You may want to consider booking an appointment for diesel fuel injectors to be serviced every 130,000 to 150,000 miles.

Install A Turbocharger

Turbochargers can be an investment, but the upside is immediately noticeable. Turbochargers force more air into your diesel engine’s combustion chamber, which increases oxygen and power. This will increase both performance and towing capabilities.

Schedule Regular Diesel Engine Maintenance

Regular maintenance can help detect issues that may be negatively impacting your engine’s performance while also preventing costly repairs in the future. Your diesel engine runs at very high pressures that create a lot of wear and tear. Periodic maintenance will no doubt improve performance and efficiency will adding longevity to your diesel engine.

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