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PowerMax Performance Diesel Turbochargers

PowerMax Performance Diesel turbochargers supply your light-duty diesel with the best components for optimizing power, response, and efficiency. PowerMax turbochargers are quick-spooling, high-flowing turbochargers with the right blend of design features that will upgrade power and torque, while lowering EGTs for select diesel trucks. Turbocharger and installation instructions, as well as other components needed for your specific application are included.

Features and benefits of PowerMax turbochargers:

* Large bore inducer--allows greater airflow for high performance diesels with increased fuel flow
* Advanced design compressor wheels--extremely high-efficiency, backward-curved impellers, which allow for a broad airflow range to match the needs of diesels
* Exclusive true angular-contact ball bearings--meaning the turbo spools up to 15 percent faster, is capable of high-thrust loads seen in high performance/high-boost applications, and increases overall turbo efficiency by reducing power consumption by nearly 50 percent over traditional journal bearing designs
* Performance enhancing oil restrictor--optimizes oil flow for proper lubrication and cooling, while limiting turbo rotational drag which robs power and efficiency
* Divided turbine housing--divider wall within the turbine volute optimizes pulse gas energy, which gives greater response and turbine efficiency during low-end and mid-range operation
* Ultra-high pressure/high-efficiency turbine--extracts a maximum of energy from the engine's exhaust. Using GMR235 super alloy, the turbine wheel design is optimized for high exhaust flow, and low weight to reduce moment of inertia assisting in crisp response to changes in engine speed
* Turbine outlet connection--designed to fit as a direct drop-in to enhance the ease of upgrading stock turbos
* Turbine heat shielding--PowerMax utilizes a heat shield to create "dead air space" insulation barrier to keep high exhaust heat energy in the turbine to be converted to mechanical energy, and away from bearings and oil
* Design optimized turbine housing--advanced 3D modeling and computational fluid dynamics are used to optimize the volute shape, and the housing is also equipped with an adjustable wastegate allowing adjustment for optimum boost levels
* Oil control and seal--a double-row flinger which drives drain oil away from the gas seal rings virtually eliminates compressor oil sealing problems


**Requires a Tuner to operate properly on a Stock Vehicle**


Excluding Sales Tax
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