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6.0 Stage 2 Bulletproof and Install

Why Should You Consider the 6.0 Bulletproof Parts & Install Package?

Save BIG. 

When you get the Stage 2 upgrade here at Flying Wrench Services & Performance, you are saving on long-term repair costs. 

It costs (on average) 15% more to have a Stage 3 done in multiple visits to a shop because of the overlapping labor involved. Our package covers all the bases for your performance needs while saving you money on these unwanted extra labor hours.

  • Powerstroke products factory heads and ARP stud

  • Oil rail rebuild

  • Reseal HPOP pump

  • S&B cab mounts

  • Intercooler boot kit

  • BPD water-to-oil kit

  • Full service

*Price subject to change due to availbility and location of parts

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