About Us

Flying Wrench Services was started in 2002 by Coleen’s father. It originally began as one mobile diesel mechanic and after 5 years had grown to three service vehicles and a 10,000 sq ft shop.

Coleen began working there in 2007 following in her father’s footsteps, learning the trade and the level of customer care we at Flying Wrench pride ourselves on. Things got really interesting when her husband Bernie started on in 2010.

After 4 years of learning the trade from a pro Bernie began running the shop in 2014, taking the shop to new heights. In 2018 Bernie and Coleen were able to buy the business and carry on the legacy. Bernie pulled ahead again and began Flying Wrench Performance with the ultimate goal of diversifying the business. Now we can offer a full range of diesel service for ALL of our customers.

The products we supply on our performance side are proven components, on and off the race track. They are made by people at companies that we have met, shook hands, and looked in the eye as we confirmed that their products were up to our customers standards. We run these brands on our own vehicles and we believe in them!