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Fleets: The Benefit to Outsourcing Repairs

There are many industries where heavy-duty trucks and equipment are the main asset. Trucking (or freight hauling), Construction, Military, and other industries absolutely thrive on this equipment. When trucks and heavy-duty equipment break down, it’s essential that repairs are done accurately and efficiently.

The benefits to outsourcing your diesel fleet repair services go beyond simply saving time and money. A good diesel shop will perform services that will benefit you long after your truck or equipment leaves the parking lot.

Technology and Training

With Flying Wrench Services, you can take advantage of the latest diagnostic technology. All of our mechanics take part in ongoing training each year to keep them up to date on all these technologies as well as any other changes in the industry.

Preventative Maintenance & Documentation

A good diesel shop will provide you with preventative maintenance documents and information using metrics and industry trends. You can use this information to keep your trucks and equipment operating for longer periods of time, to educate staff, and enhance driver training.

Roadside Assistance

Staffing in-house mechanics can get even more messy when you start sending them out to provide emergency roadside assistance. With Flying Wrench Services, you will have dependable, affordable roadside assistance you can count on if emergencies arise.

Outsourcing your diesel fleet repairs is a great way save time and money while eliminating extra moving parts from your business. In our changing economy, it could become an extremely expensive undertaking to fully staff your business with the right mechanics while providing them with all the resources to successfully keep you on the road.

If you would like a consultation on what we can do for your fleet, call us at (360) 638-0044 and ask for Bernie, George, or Chad.


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