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The all new Monster-Ram intake elbow for the 6.7L Cummins in your Ram lives up to its name. It is an absolute MONSTER. Banks has pulled out all the stops when developing it. Gain throttle response you can feel and insurance your wallet will appreciate.


The Monster-Ram improves airflow from the intercooler. It flows 72.7 lbs/min with Banks’ New Coil Heater and High-Flow Billet Intake Plate compared to stock's 38.6 lbs/min MAF. That is a huge 88.3% improvement over stock you can feel!


The proprietary design raises boost without increasing back-pressure at the turbine. The result is improved engine response, efficiency, and headroom for daily driving and heavy hauling.


There are two devices on your Cummins engine that increase air density; the turbocharger and the intercooler.

Anything in the system that doesn’t create air density, cuts air density. We designed the Monster-Ram to get back that lost air density.


Your Cummins engine consumes a massive amount of air and struggles to breathe through its tiny, squashed inlet. The stock horn causes boost loss at the same flow while the Banks Monster-Ram has a wide, unrestricted, free-flowing path.


Check out the video:

Monster-Ram Intake System by Banks

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