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Spring Check-Ups For Your Truck

Do we dare celebrate the end of winter here in Washington? I sure hope we can!

And if this is indeed the case, you will want to start preparing for warmer weather. Winter consists of harsh weather that can really do a number to your truck. As the weather starts to warm up, you will want to “take stock” of the impact it had and prepare for the nice weather ahead to ensure it’s in good driving condition. This can lead to some general maintenance and potential repair work. You may also want to reconsider any potential performance upgrades that you have considered in the past.

When it comes to Spring check-ups for your truck, Flying Wrench Services performs a full 100-point inspection. If you are a DIY truck owner, you can use this list to make sure you’ve considered these major factors as well.

Under the Hood

· Check Engine Oil – This may seem like a no-brainer, but you will want to check levels and top it off if you have some time before your next change. Of course, it’s best to just do a change altogether and start Spring off on a fresh note.

· Check and Top Other Fluids – Again, this may be a no-brainer but this goes beyond just a simple washer fluid and coolant check. You will also want to be sure to check and top-off your gear oil, transfer case fluid, DEF (when applicable) and transmission fluid.

· Check the Battery – Winter can put a lot of strain on a battery. Check the terminals for corrosion and if you suspect any issues that may not be visible, bring it into our shop.

· Check or Change Air Filters – Be sure to check air filters for debris buildup and if they are close or beyond their sell-by-date, replace them. Additionally, check your cabin filters to ensure proper functionality of the air conditioning.

Outside of Truck Maintenance

· Check Windshield Wipers – Constant use during the wintertime can beat up your wipers in a hurry. We will check and replace them if a replacement is needed.

· Undercarriage – This includes an inspection of the u-joints, driveline, steering and

tracking components, and suspension components. If you are inspecting these components yourself, be sure to look for looseness and impact damage in the ball and socket joints. The best time to grease applicable components is when the load is off the steer axle. For the u-joints, look for looseness and rust in the roller ends. Also inspect the propeller shaft for damage and if the balance weights are present.

This is just a quick rundown of the important things to look for when performing a Spring check-up on your truck. If you think your needs go beyond a simple check-up and that you’re in need of wholesale replacements, it’s best to bring your truck to our shop. Our 100-point inspection will make sure that no stone is left unturned as we prepare you for off-road adventures and Springtime fun!

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