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Concerning Diesel Truck Trends in 2023

Hello to our Flying Wrench Family of Customers,

There are some concerning trends that have been occurring here in the shop during the first half of the year. Our main goal is to keep our customers on the road and not be vulnerable to breakdowns and the frustrations that occur during those times.

#1) 4th Gen Cummins, (2010-2017): We've observed multiple engine failures due to a heater

grid mounting bolt breaking/ melting off, falling into the intake, and passing through the engine. This causes catastrophic engine failure and requires a replacement engine. There is a great preemptive solution built by Banks, check it out here:

#2) 6.7L Ford , S&S Motorsports has come out with a replacement for the problematic CP4 injection pump. For the vehicle with the disaster kit, it's very helpful but not 100% effective. In comes the solution from S&S Motorsports teaming up with Pure Power Technologies. They developed a CP4 to DRC Conversion. This is a no-tune application and guarantees that lubrication fuel can not get into the injectors. Check out the write-up here:

#3) We've observed a lot of fuel-related issues. Whether it's plugged filters or pump and

injector failure, fuel-related issues are on a steady rise. So here at Flying Wrench Services and Performance, we are recommending tightening filter replacements from 10,000 miles to 5,000 until this issue abates. Filters are cheap, injectors are expensive. We have also had great luck with Dynomite Diesel's fuel treatment, Injector Protector, check it out here:

All these products and more are available through the shop.

If you have any questions feel free to email George: or Bernie : to answer any questions.

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