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Top 5 Diesel Truck Upgrades

By Sean Finley

We all know that you have a lot of love for your diesel truck and we do as well.  If you just got your brand new diesel, you're probably saying to yourself “man, this truck is a beast and I love it, but is there something I can do to make it better?”  Well, we want to give you some ideas of things you can look at right away to get the best performance possible.  These are the 5 upgrades we recommend to truly make your new diesel truck a king of the road.

  1. High Flow Exhaust – We could go into scientific detail about why this is important, but the real deal is, the more clean air that you can get into your diesel engine, the more power you’re going to get out of it and the best way to do that is upgrading your exhaust.  This is also a good way to increase the power of your engine without having to actually get in the engine.  That’s always a win

  2. Cold Air Intake – while it’s important that your diesel gets more clean air to get more power, cool air helps because it’s already compressed and passes through the engine easier giving you even greater performance.

  3. Engine Control Module – Installing an engine control module gives you a ton of control over your engine’s performance, but this upgrade is not for the faint of heart.  We warn you that if you’re not terribly sure what’s going on under your hood, don’t tinker with this too much since it can void your engine’s warranty.  If you have a reasonable understanding of your engine, this can really give you a boost in performance.

  4. Turbocharger – Turbochargers are a great way to increase your fuel output and power.  Once again, it’s all about forcing more air into the engine and the turbochargers are awesome at doing this.

  5. Intercooler – This little guy cools the air even more coming from the turbo to condense the air even further, and as we’ve been talking about this whole time, the more cool, clean air we can push through the engine, the more powerful and efficient it can run.

There are a ton of other things you can do to your truck to make it even more beastly, like adding a new lift kit, tires, etc.  But when it comes to really getting the most out of your diesel, it’s all about the power and these 5 upgrades can make an immediate impact on your trucks performance.  Stay safe out there everyone and enjoy your new diesel.  Now get out there and make some memories with your new truck!

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